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Friday, December 16, 2011


This parentingthing really bugs me.
I see people around me that always, always put their kids first they really dotn care if they get their own meds and so on as long as the kids has clothes and whatever they might need at the moment. I cant say how much I like those parents.

But then we have another category of parents that seemsto belive that just because they left a relationship they dont have to put their kids first, suddenly they have a new family to care about. The kids from before? Well they suddenly seem to be non-existing and this makes me absolutely furious! Whenever I come across kids with such parents I do my best to show them that I care, I try to always make sure that their needs are fullfilled as best as I can but there is one thing I can never be, and that is their father or mother. Only one person can take that role, their true parent of whatever gender that might be.
I can be a good rolemodel ofcourse but not more then that.

I just dont get it.. You one day seem to be thebest father/mother in the world and then all over sudden you aint a parent at all, the kids can wait, they aint going nowhere are they?
The truth is they cant wait, you were never meant to put them aside, not even for a second unless it was in their best interest (such as if the parent is a addict of some kind etc.) .
Their days will keep passing by, they will see other kids parents pick their kids up at kindergarden, they will hear other kids brag about how strong their fathers are, how good their mothers cooking tastes and so on. And you refuse them the possibility of bragging the same way. You refuse them the opportunity to tell you in the evening how their day was, you refuse them the opportunity to share their deepest secrets with you. Why?  I can only see one reason, and that is selfishness.

Then we have one more category of parents I hate, the ones that uses kids as a weapon to get to the other parent. Kids lifes aint supposed to be a battlefield where mom or dad wants to get at the other parent with all costs, you have no right, whatsoever, to backtalk the other parent in front of your child, non! I know sometimes its hard to keep quiet but think about it for a second, once you must have had some sort of good feeling for the other parent, right?
So if you backtalk that person doesnt that only show that you were a moron to create a new life with that exact person?
Did your child say to you: Him/her I want as a parent"?
The answer to that question should be a no if natures law still exist.
Let your kid love the other parent, its in the best interest of the kid I promise!

Also we have the parents that keep their child away from the other parent, the kid has no chance of choosing on its own but you feel like you have the right to? Nuh-uh.. I got news for you, as long as you cant show that it is in any way dangerous for the kid to be around its other parent you are wrong, DEADWRONG!
Once again, you need to understand that keeping a child away from the other parent does not only hurt the other parent but your kid is the one hurting most, often with life-long scars in its soul and you have no right of causing that, then you are the iresponsible parent that never should have become a parent from the start. You are the one hurting your child, not the other parent.

Take a minute -. Think about it, are you really a good parent?


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