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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My grandfather..

My grandfather is one of the people that means the world to me.
All the years since I was born he has cared for me and never backed down when Ive needed him.
Now he is old and living in a nursing home at the other side of town, and I dont see him as often as I should and wish I did.

I remember that when I went for ridinglessons when I was little, on the way home, I would always walk pass my grandfathers home. My feet were sooo cold in my riding boots it hurt when I was walking, he always helped me off with them and either poured up a warm bath for me or wrapped my feet in towels so I would get warm quicker.

He always kept something at home for me to eat when I was there, whatever I liked the most at the minute.
When I was too much to handle for my mom, and my father didnt care. Grandpa always did.
I could always talk to him and he listened to me and he would give me advice.
We used to play chess and cardgames against eachother.
He always had time for me and since I was at his place so much that he started phoning me when he was going away somewhere so I wouldnt go to his place the few times he wouldnt be there.

When someone had a birthday coming up or when christmas got closer, my grandfather brought me downtown to shop presents from me.I got to choose them myself, and as a little girl I felt really big giving away those presents.

He is 93 years old now, 93.. And Im so blessed that he is still alive, I think my promise for new year will be to see him more often. To really make sure I take that time.


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