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Friday, December 23, 2011

The right to judge someone..

Alot of times I hear people putting others down, often in a very,very foul way.
Who has the right to judge someone else?
If you are a beliver then God has the right, but noone else, right?
Yet we keep doing it, and not often do we think about what happends with the people we talk about.
Could it be somewhere that we make them behave bad? Or that we by keeping on talking about their bad sides someway makes themeasier to spot?

We all have our bad sides and we have the right to have them, but noone else has the right to judge.
And those who likes so bad to speak about others, could it be that their own lifes is so full of negativity that they aint strong enough to see the good within others?
Maybe we should help them?

Is it you that I`m talking about here?
Are you the one who cant leave others alone to be who they are?

You, of course, have a right to be you.
But how would it feel to be more positive?
Have a second to think about it?
Ok, lets carry on, it was a rather nice thought right?
Yet, somehow scary, because your life wouldnt be the same anymore.

Do me a favor, tomorrow, smile against someone you dont know, and also smile against one of these people you have judged and put down before.
Try asking one of them how life is going..
Establish a connection and then see where it goes?
Because maybe your negative thoughts has wandered off and enhanced the bad stuff you see in this person?

Maybe you dont have the power to change the world, but you have a change to change both yours, and someone elses lifes for abit..'

Take a minute - Think about it, and in this case; Give it a shot!


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