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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Todays introduction..

.. for all my ladies out there;

Mister Roosevelt Taylor!

Look at those eyes ladies, aint they sweet?
This is also a friend froom back in the days when I was using Yahoo360.
I think we started out speaking about music, because he has a great taste in it!

When you need someone to talk to you know whom to call for, its Roosevelt!
He  is never putting you down, never sleezy in any way.
He is just him, and who else would he have to be? He is a great friend, living in U.S.A.
Working and getting his bills paid, minding his own buisness.

I know he would like to meet Jessica Alba, tho the chances are low I hope for her sake that he does!

Roosevelt, stay the way you are, you have a winning personality and I have a hard time beliving that no ladie has gotten her hands on you yet!

This one is for you:


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