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Monday, December 26, 2011

Unspoken Words..

The day the words ran out..
I think we`ve all experienced it on some level in some kind of relationship.
All the words are gone and suddenly you have nothing to talk about.
Its not that there is nothing left to say, its just that all the words are somehow stacked up inside of you and wont reach the air.

Often because you are not hundred % sure about the words yet, you feel that something is wrong but you are not sure what it is. And somewhere deep inside you know that if just the first word gets out, the rest will follow like a tsunami.

A Wordtsunami, unstopable and ruining everything in its way, only leaving disaster behind, and you, left to rebuild it all.
Or maybe you, left to leave it all?

They say its important to know when to say what, I say its important to say what you want, of course with some consideration of the situation you are in.

And the fun part is, that sometimes, you just cant stop yourself from talking, for example to an aold friend that you havent seen in ages.
Then the words that wanted out is not at all so hard to find and lead out, and your friend will listen to you, think about the situation, and give advice as best as he or she can.

Are you carrying a Wordtsunami inside?

Take a minute - Think about it!


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