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Friday, December 23, 2011

The beauty we all have..

I have something I do when I wait for a bus for example or is out, around people and dont have anything special to do.
I always try to see the beauty in everyone, and guess what, I always find something beautiful in everyone I see.
It can be something in their eyes, or in their way to move. It can be their smileor something about the way they did their hair. There is always, in every, single person, something beautiful to discover!
The sad part is that it isnt so common that everyone sees the beauty in themselves.
I saw a girl today for example, floating in her own world as she walked down the street, but I could tell that she avoided meeting someone elses looks. Its a classical sign of bad confidence, and this time it felt worse for me to see it then it normally does, why?

She was drop dead gorgeus!
Her jacket was somewhat dirty but other then that, Wow!
Her hair must have been newly dyed and her eyes was as deep as the ocean.
She wasnt tanned, but not pale either. Not skinny but definatly not overweight.
And she had an charisma that was amazing.
Yet she kept looking into the ground as she passed me and others walking down the street.

Here in Sweden we have something called Jante-lagen, Its basically something saying "You should never belive that you are better then anyone else".
And I suppose we all live by it, one way or another.
And its sad. Get me right here, I dont like when people are too cocky but I see a needof more people seeing the beauty within themselves and within others.
The day you do, you will see that life is so much better then you ever could have expected!

I`m not perfect in any way but guess what? I`m totally ok anyways!
I have days when I dont like myself at all, but they aint so many anymore, because somewhere deep inside me, I know I also have beautiful parts.

Take a minute - Think about it!


Jamie Dawson said...

A Very good read! :)and i am hearby the first to post :)

Sara said...

Thanks JD.. Means alot to me!

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