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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The blessing of a child.

I love kids, I honestly do.
And I get along with most of them, esxcept maybe my son but he is a teenager so I`m excused!

They make me smile and laugh most of the times, and when they are sad most often its so easy to make them feel better again.
They are so uncomplicated, and so honest!
If the belive that you are ugly they will say so but even that doesnt disturb me at all, since they mean it by heart!

They almost always belive good about everyone and that also makes me feel good.
Therefor, when a child is getting hurt one way or another the Lion inside me awakes.
Every protective instinct there is awakens inside me and I do anything to make sure that the child wont be hurt.

I cant belive parents who abandon their child for a new family or such, how can they?
Do they understand what they miss out on? The trust you can get from a child is amazing, and totally faboulus since it is so sincere, they trust you to protect them and shelter them from harm and you walk away?

Take a minute - Think about it!


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