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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Readers from all the world..

It makes me curious who you are out there that reads this blog.
I can see on a map here that I have had people here from both Russia and Ukraine for example, I`ve never knew anyone from there yet I`m very happy of course that you find something of interest here.

Next time you drop by please leave a comment, you can do that by pressing below the post where it says "0 comments".

I`m sorry for not giving you much updates today but I`ve spent most of the evening at my mothers place, making Christmascandy. here in Sweden its a tradition to make the candy for christmas on your own. All the family together, but tonight it was me, my mother and a familyfriend called Mohzen.
He experienced his first homemade Christmascandy ever! Him and me together made something called Knäck.

We overcooked it abit tho so it is almost like chewing a stone but hey, it tastes sweet anyway ;)
What have all of you been up to today?
I know when friend of mine was making Gingerbreadcookies, Anne, give me some!
I also need to shout ot to my other friend Blurry, whats the boys getting for Christmas? Give my sweethearts a hug from me!

Until I get back home and post one more post for today I leave you for now.

Take care all of you!


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