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Friday, December 30, 2011


I am one of those that belive its good for people to have something to trust in, to belive in.
I`m not so much of a religious person myself, I tend to live after the rule "Follow your heart",
however I do respect that people belive in a God.

For me it doesnt matter if they call  it God, Jahve or Allah..
All religions are about doing good deeds and if you look at them from a scientific perspective all their rules are rules that made a society work a long, long time ago.

I dont belive Jihad is about moslems against christians and so on.
no I belive that thats about defending your beliefs and stick by them.
Now, Im sure Ive already have upset someone but please read the rest I have to say aswell please.

I belive that Allah, and the Christian God, no matter who we face after or life here at earth, will be proud of us if we lived by the rule; Harm noone, love your family, help who you can and respect everyone!

I have a hard time understanding what God, Allah would win on us fighting about it after all we are all His creations right?

I belive a truly religious person will preach only when someone is prepared to listen, that way people will have to seek the knowledge themselves, and also alot of feuds in the world would never have started.

I am only a person and I cant judge wich religion is right or wrong, its not up to me to judge either, its for the one who belives to choose what to belive in and how to show their beliefs.

I wish you all a great day/evening.

Please show respect to all!

Take a minute - Think about it!


Evan said...

Nice post. I doubt you'd offend anyone with this.

Sara said...

Thanks Evan, I hope not. People get offended for so little these days so you can never really know :)

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