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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Have you ever..

.. tried living the day just as it comes?
Not alot of planning just relaxing and see what will come next?
Im an expert of it!

And today is one of those days.. Im still sitting in my pyjama drinking a second cup of tea even tho its soon lunchtime.

I look outside, its snow and looks really cold, so the dog will have to wait just a couple of more minutes.
I dont have a job to rush of to so I can sit here just another minute.

And guess what? Since I`m adult noone can say anything about it, how great aint that?
Son is off to school and I`m just.. just.. existing.. and its a glorious feeling!

In january im planning on starting to exercise in the gym abit.. Yeah hahahah how many times havent you heard that one before? Next year I will...

I dont belive much in making promises for the next year, I have the experience that something always gets in the way for your new plans and then..well you will be at the same place you started out in the first place.
But going to the gym I WILL do, I have to!

But before that.. maybe I should walk the dog? ;


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