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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Contè is an artist I`ve been watching for a long time now, he keep aiming for the stars and I love his flow!

I mean seriously you should listen to this: Click here to listen to my boy Contè , you can find him and his song on youtube! Cut the guy some slack and repost the link if you will, I`d appreciate it and I`m sure he would even more!

The stars that aint up there yet deserves more of our attention, the people we see struggling to reach their goals in life. Contè hasnt been the guy just sitting there waiting for it to happen, he has just kept going as a train!

Oh and guys, If you dont find him online, contact me and I`ll make sure you reach him!
And remember where you heard him first!

Take a minute - Listen to it! ;)


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