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Friday, December 16, 2011

So here we go..

First of all a warm welcome from me to all readers out there, this blog aint just existing for me to give you my opinion about stuff but also for all of you to share your thoughts and ideas with me, that you can do by using the commen-function!

So you want to kinow more about me?
Sure, here we go then!

I`m Sara, 33 years old on the paper but more around 18 at heart ;).
I have a son 14,5 years old, at the moment he has just grew pass me in length and loooves telling me about it!

I`m a soccercoach, coaching young lads in soccer and have been doing that for about 7-8 years now.
I love soccer or,as we in europe call it, football.

I never was a good player myself but that doesnt make me a bad coach at all, I have first class information on what coaches and players shouldn`t do just because of my own lousy experience as a player!

I love music, but I want rythm in it and I want to be able to dance to it, as long as I can do that then anything goes.

So, now you know abit more about me, now its Your turn to tell me about you! Oh and please feel free to tell me if you want to know anything more or if you have something specific you want me to write about!

Got nothing but love for ya!


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