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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The force of your own mind!

I once coached a young boy, he was slightly overweight and had no selfesteem at all.
He was clumsy with the ball and had no speed.
Every time he was put on the field to play a game he basicaally froze, did everything halfhearted and did seem quite lazy too people that saw him.

I started telling him that he had the force inside him to change all that.
You see as a coach, even tho its in youthsoccer, I`m not always kind.
I will tell the truth even when it hurts, and I wont give credit unless its welldeserved.

I could see, somewhere deep inside this young boys eyes that there was a spark..
Somehow it needed to turn into a fire, I knew that I had found a challenge, and I just cant resist a good challenge!
So, the days went by and I noticed that this kid had found trust in me.
Id like to think that its because of the fact that Im honest.

So, I got this kid to trust in me, but the challenge was to make him trust himself.
We had a tournament to play and this guy was one of the selected,
I still remember it clearly. There was a total of four short games to play.
In the first one we did ok, nothing more nothing less. In the second and third one the leaders looked at eachother like who taught these kids to pay like this? Because it wasnt us thats for sure, we lost them both and one was a huge loss, a quite embarissing loss, only because of us playing bad.
In the forth game I told this kid;
"Look ******, I`ve invested my time in you, and you have my trust, this game you better go out there and prove to the world why I trust you, and show them all what a great player you can be".

We won that game, the only one we won all day..
And belive me when I say, he was great!
When he started that game, he fought for me, I know that, but when it ended he had proven to himself that he could do it and that it was time for him to trust himself and his own abilities..

Just by changing how you think, you can achieve alot, trust yourself and you can accomplish even more, the choice is yours..

Take a minute - Think about it!


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