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Friday, December 23, 2011

The anger noone talks about..

After loosing a loved one you always feel sadness, but often one more thing that people dont talk about so often.
You feel anger towards the one that you`ve lost.

When I lost my brother that was one of the first feelings I encountered.
I were so angry at him I sometimes screamt straight out, here at home, that I hated him for leaving.

Even tho I knew that he had no choice and if he did, he wouldnt have died.

I also found myself hating God, even tho I, before this happened, really wasnt a big beliver.
But after Alex died I had to let out my anger over the situation to someone,
and for me it became over Alex and God.

I was very selfcentered in my grief, my thoughts sounded something like: "Why would you do this to me?" "Do you know I hate you for not being here and share this moment with me?".

Have you ever seen anyone in grief that has showed anger?
Maybe you have been the one that was angry?
Tell me about it?

Take a minute - Think about it!


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