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Friday, December 16, 2011


There is alot of music I really like, some songs and artists keep coming back to me, following me for years and years. Others I can keep on repeat over and over and over again.

I like any music that I can dance to, almost. I also like some good old Metallica..

I figured today I will introduce you to three songs that keeps coming back to me thru the years, lets start out with:

.. from the year of 1991, I was 13 this was what made me and my friends from back then shake our head:

Naughty by Nature - Everythings Gonna Be Alright   The neighbourhood we used to hang out in wasnt the best place on earth with Swedish measures but we loved it, because it was ours. We always had eachothers backs, for good and for bad.

Next one is..

N.W.A - Dopeman  I used to steal my brothers tapes with N.W.A, the song Dopeman I think came out around 1988, and belive it or not, N.W.A and this song actually made me stay away from the drugs, feeling less tempted to try it. However Im sure I made alot of people smile running around in my big brothers clothes that was waaaaaay too big for me (Today he is 190 cm something and I`m 162 cm so imagine the difference in size then!).

Last one out will be:

Naughty By Nature - Feels Good  a later song by Naughty By Nature, but it makes me feel good, feel happier so whenever I`m down this comes on the playlist and suddenly the world feels a little bit brighter!

Peace out people, Check back soon and dont be afraid to leave a comment! I`d appreciate tips on what you want to read about!


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