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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My friend Fia..

.. I have to tell you about this Superwoman who is a friend of mine.

Her name is Fia, oratleast for me, bloggers andsome other people know her as Lilith.
We used to be friends back in High-school but then lost contact, after many years, 18(!), Facebook suddenly put us back in contact, we have sons the same age going to the same class in school.
She has two more kids a daughter and one more boy, he has some special needs.
She is alone and the two youngest kids lives with her.

Watching her struggle thru the days with medicines, clothes for the kids, food etc etc I`ve come to realise that she is one of the Superwomen in my surroundings.
She lives a hard life struggling to raise the kids and the youngest doesnt really have their father involved much in their life. Yet she stands up every day, she gets them ready for their daily activities, and while they are there she manages the household, shops groceries or whatever is needed.
She also has some disabilities of her own, she is diagnosed with Borderline yet she copes.

Yet, every time she falls down she gets back on her feet even more stronger then before, she never gives up!
And I`m so proud of her, I try to help her out as much as I can but I can see that she would make it with or without me by her side.

Sometimes she has been close to giving up..and she has.. for a maximum of 20 minutes, then she is right back up again like a boxer prepared for the next round!

Lord knows it aint a game to raise them kids to good individuals but I am sure that she will.
She always have very strong opinions about things but she accepts it when I dont think the same as her and luckily, for us both, we often see things the same way.

She talks about me in her blog, I see it and I feel blessed but Girl, it`s you doing them things, not me.
It`s you who has the power, the strength to keep going not me!
You could have ruled the world and I`m sure you would have fixed it into a better place but for now you will keep ruling your world, and keep doing that. You are the best for the job!

A little dedication, as always, if you scroll down, it was people like you he wrote the song for I`m sure!

Take a minute - Think about it!


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