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Friday, December 23, 2011

When someone suddenly changes..

Have you ever experienced in a relationship, how one part suddenly changes its personality.
From the most loving person in the world into someone that really doesnt care at all?
I can feel how ya`ll sitting there now saying; "Ah-aaaa girl you gonna talk about cheating now, I see where you going with this!" Sorry to dissapoint you but this time I aint.

I belive that this can appear for several reasons.
In a relationship the start is always a good one, two persons understanding eachother and always wanting the best for the other one. As time passes by the everyday-life strikes.
What first made us passionate about oneanother can suddenly be the most annoying thing in the world. The way he eats, as he never saw food before, and you found kind of cute suddenly makes you sick to the stomach. And the way she always spread her clothes around the apartment as there was no tomorrow, he used to not mind picking them up, smelling ther in them as he was putting them away. Suddenly he hates it, how can she even expect him to pick up after her lazy ass all the time?

There will be arguments, yelling and most of the times, if there is any passion left, alot of screaming. Because the fear of being taken for granted is colliding with the fear of being alone again. No hugs, no kisses for you.
And even tho you suddenly realised it was years ago since he asked you how your day was and just as long since you told him that you loved him like you meant it, you dont want it that way, but you dont want to be left alone either.

Now you have decisions to make. Can you change whats going on?
Can you somehow reverse it all or is it too late for that? Is there a CPR for relationships on their way down?

I think its hard to save a relationship on the downfall, I`m not saying impossible but I do belive one person cant do it alone. And that it takes time. But the again, aint relationships like a lifelong garden that always will need tobe looked after?

On the other hand, maybe its worth it, you invested your heart into something from the start, maybe, if for nothing else, for your hearts sake its important to cherish every day with the one you love?
And maybe show them how important they are, not only with words but with actions?

The day someone changed their ways against you I belive it might be too late to do anything about it?
Or what do you think?

Take a minute - Think about it!


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