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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Did you ever stand up?

Did you ever stand up for your beliefs even in a situation where you know you will most likely be punished for it one way or another?

I used the be the one keeping quiet when I realised my opinion wouldnt do any good any way.
But then suddenly something happened..

Not long ago I was sitting at this meeting, it was me and four more people.
Amongst them a woman who is a close friend of mine and a man around his 55`s.
We needed to get some work done and make some plans for a future project.

The elderly man is a friend of my father and have known him for many, many years.
I`ve heard him talk badly about immigrantsbefore and it has always annoyed me since I`m raised to belive that each person is a single individual and that not all do good or bad.
But I have always been quiet, because I`ve realised that in that organisation it wouldnt be of benefit to me to speak up.

This particular meeting he was going on as he always have just abit more.. and more.. and more..
I suddenly heard my own voice saying:

- You crossed the line now, dont you think?  Since I already had reached the line to speak up I carried on:
- You were a bit harsh there weren`t you? Do you really belive all immigrants are bad by blood?

The silence spread out over the room and you could have heard a pin drop the floor. I couldnt look at the other people because my eyes were firmly looking at the man. But I could feel their looks and I could sense their jaws dropping to the floor. "Did she really just do that? She  who never says anything bad to anyone, she who never speaks up?"

He looked at me and I could tell he was getting nervous.
- So what are you saying? That I`m a racist? Yes, I`m a racist!" He said his whole body were screaming to me he was in defenseposition.

This triggered me even more but I knew I couldn`t say much more without being straightup rude.
-"You can be how much of a racist and narrowminded as you like, I dont care, but I dont come here to listen to it, that I can hear anywhere if I want to".

Now the silence was uncomfortable for everyone in the room and I really dont like to put people in thatplace where noone knows what to say or do. I felt like I`ve won a battle just by saying what was on my mind.

-" So lets carry on this meeting, where were we?" I said.

The one leading the meeting looked at me, still surprised, and said;
-"Erhm, I think that was all for this time, right?"

When I left this meeting, I was feeling so strong and it was like sunshine inside me.
I felt really good about myself, like I`ve won some great trophy or something.

I don`t care what someone else thinks about immigrants or other people, but I dont have to hear it. I want to have the choice of what goes into my ears. Therefor I`ve always refused political debates and stuff, I can argue for my opinion, no problem, but I dont have to and I dont want to be forced to.

Did you ever do the same? Beliving so hard that another person is wrong?
Had the guts to stand up for your beliefs? How did it go?
Do you need to do it more often? I know I do.

Take a minute - Think about it!


Ann-sofie said...

Tack för ditt besök i min bloggen.:)

Sara said...

Bra bloggar besöker jag gärna!

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