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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Did you ever..

.. get that great feeling that suddenly appears from out of nowhere, makes you smile for no appearant reason at all and you cant do much except keeping that big smile and look at everything around you with such a view everything suddenly seems so beautiful?

Then and there you can`t belive that you havent seen all this beauty before, and where did it come from?
Even a child crying can sound beautiful at that moment.

It often happens to me when I see a old couple walking together holding hands or looking at eachother as the rest of the world didn`t exist. Its so beautiful and you get a sense that in their little world everything is ok because they still have eachother. They prove to me that there isstill true love in the world, a lifelong commitment that they will stay together. Sometimes not spoken out loud but spoken by the way that they look at eachother, like noone else ever existed, like there life is fulfilled just by that other person being there.

I seldom see this however amongst people in my own generation.
Its a special look that I wish I saw more often.

For me that look kind of tells me that the world is definatly not lost yet.
That we can all find a reason to carry on even when times are hard,
that there someday might be someone there looking at you like you are the pride and joy of that persons life.
And that together you share a treasure worth much more then all the wealth in the world - Love.

Have you experienced this? Seen it somewhere? Gotten that feeling? Or maybe you found your soulmate?
Share it with a comment, spread the joy!

The feeling over never being alone..

Take a minute - Think about it.


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