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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Inspiration and persons giving it to you..

When I grew up we had a politician in Sweden called Olof Palme, We was a leader of  a party called "Socialdemokraterna" wich was also knows as a party that cared alot for the workers in Sweden.

In the year of 1986 Olof Palme died, he was murdered and noone really knows who did it or why.

However I remember crying on the way to school when me and my friend spoke about the murder, I was only 8 years old then and I cant have known much about the man except he must have seemed nice to me.

He is still a influence tho for me when it comes to politics, he stood up agains USA several times, and as we know, noone is supposed to do that ;).

As the years have gone by I`ve studied up more on him, you know he was from a wealthy family, yet, he fought for the weak as I recall it.
For the people that didnt have a voice of their own and that nobody would listen to.

I want to be like that,  standing up for the weaker people.. That is a inspiration for me!

By clicking CC in the bar beneath the video you will subtitles in english!

What people have inspired you to become the person you are today?
Let me know!


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