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Saturday, December 17, 2011

We all have them..

..the friends that makes such a big difference in our life without us even realizing it.

I think I will introduce some of mine to you, the first one will be "Stora Malin", it means like "Big Malin" but there is nothing big about this girl, she is just older then another friend with the same name.

The last couple of years have been a struggle, 2011 however, it seems was the year when the change came for me.

The root of all is that one of my younger brothers died suddenly and I went really straight ahead to the darkest spot inside me and there I stayed. Or I tried to stay anyway. I belive I met Malin the same year a couple of months before that happened but I`m not 100% sure. Now looking back at it all I can see how I tried to isolate myself, not going out, not meeting people at all and so on. Even going to the store was a struggle, someone might have seen me and ask how I felt?

However thru all this Malin has been ringing on my door, she tried calling before coming over but I always used to make up a silly excuse for her not to come.  But she never quitted. She never stopped.
Not once did she give up on me, and today I am so, so thankful she didnt.
She kept calling me even tho I didnt reply. She ones said, I`m gonna go shop groceries and you are coming with me, right?
I understood that it wasnt just a question so I went with her, and to be honest, she saved Sara.
Not my life but Sara, the person.

If you read this Malin a big up to you from me. You are great and you really made a difference in my life, thanks for all the times you stood by me when I really didn`t deserve it at all!


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