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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I´m rich!

A friend of mine asked me last night, "Sara, how come you have so many friends allover the world?".
When I saw her I smiled, from the inside and out, and I felt really rich.
Not in money, no, but in friends.

Its true, I have a lot of friends all over the world. Some from the days I used to play WoW and some from when I used to hang out on the community that was called Yahoo360 - does the last one exist anymore?
And then I have those that I`ve come across from some games on Facebook.

These people Ive never met. Yet alot of them are really close to my heart.
I always get something exciting to read when I log on to Facebook, often from some totally distant part of the planet.

And I love it, I love to see how people live in different cultures then mine, I love to see what they are eating and what holidays they are celebrating.
I also have a great imagination so sometimes I dream away and celebrate it with them haha.
Yes, I do sound a bit weird, Im aware of that but people has to take me the way I am, or not at all.

I think I remember them all and where I met them at first.
I remember discussions we had way back aswell. Like Steve from my last post and I discussed the Deathpenalty on Yahoo360, I belive that was more then 5 years ago.
I remember other friends as well but I wont mention them here and now because then the Introduction of them later in my blog will seem less interesting for you all to read.

Im rich becuase I have friends..

Take a minute - Think about it!


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