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Thursday, December 22, 2011

My first love..

Do you remember your first love?
I remember my first "real" love very clearly.
Even tho  I havent seen him for many,many years now I still remember his smile.
He has such a smile that you completely melt when he fires it at you. His eyes are so deep, and really reflects the kindness he shows to everyone he cares about.
I remember how his hands looks, bigger then mine if course, and you can tell by them that he is not afraid of hard labor.
Brownish hair that has the perfect volume, not too much not too little.
Nowdays its shortcut but before it used to be of mediumlength, and really like floating in the wind.

I must have been 16 the first time I met him, we met at Stockholm Waterfestival, it was summertime and we met thru mutual friends. There was only one problem, we didnt speak the same language.
 He hadnt been here in sweden long, he is from Bosnia-Hercegovina.
I knew very litle of their language, and he didnt speak english at all.
Yet we managed to communicate with eachother.
I`m still surprised about that. I could look at him and immediatly tell if something was wrong, and vice versa. He could really spot how I was feeling within a second by just looking at me.

Even tho the  feeling has passed us by and we havent spoken in many years I still think about him every now and then and about the memories we shared, and it always makes me smile.

You will most likely find out about some of them later here in the blog, but not yet.
He is today married, he has a daugther and I wish all of his family the best of luck. He is a great man and I think he deserves a perfect life.

Do you remember your first love? I`m not talking about your first crush I mean the first person you really loved so much that you would do anything for them to feel good?
Was it a good person? Someone who in the long run could have been the winner in the contest to share your life?

Take  a minute - Think about it!


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