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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Its soon christmas..

.. and suddenly you see more beggars crowding up in the streetcorners.
Some of you surely question then if they really need the money they get or if they are just taking advantage of peoples generousity.

 I dont care what timne of the year it is, I always give beggars some coins if I have any.
And truth be told, I dont care if they are addicts or what put them out in the street, I really,really dont care!

Why is that?
Because it could be me, it could be any of my friends or my son sitting out there.
It all sums up to where you come from, and since I havent walked that persons exact path in life I dont see that I have a right to judge them for the choices in life they once made.

I`ve heard some peolple say; But he uses drugs, you know thats where your money is going right?
As I said I dont care, he could have started the drugs very young, I know people who started at the age of 10-11, as children that is. Can you seriously then tell them that they should just straighten up and get a life? They have nothing to compare with from start, dont you see it?

Not everyone has a tragic story behind them but alot of beggers are broken people and I sure wish that if someone I love ended up in that situation, someone would care, if so only by giving that person a nickel.

Take a minute. Think about it.


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