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Thursday, December 29, 2011

The breakin up part..

So you`ve broke up from whomever you loved?
Does it hurt?
Even tho you were the one that broke up?
I know the pain, trust me I do!

So what is next step in your life?
How will you find happiness?
You feel insecure dont you?
Did you do the right thing?
Can you move on?
Sure you can but first, you need to take the time to be sad.
I know its chaos inside you right now.
Most likely anger aswell mixed with a weird sadness you didnt think would be there.

So your loved one has already moved on?
That wasnt supposed to happened was it?
He/she wasnt supposed to find happiness before you, were they?
And you want to make them suffer, because you suffer, you want to see that you actually did mean something, how dare they?

Live and let live my friend,
happiness will some to you aswell it might just take a while.
Maybe your partner wanted to leave before but didnt have the guts to pull it thru.
That makes you the strong one since you actually did leave.

Take a minute - Think about it


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