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Thursday, December 22, 2011

The importance of being YOU!

Wherever you turn in the world there will always be people who has an opinion about you.
It can be about your looks, too big, too small etc.
Or about your personality;
Too cocky, ignorant and all kindof weird stuff.

Always remember that the people who judge are not better persons themselves.

As an example for the theme I will use a girl from my hometown, Emily.
Emily runs a rather big blog, mostly about sex.
She is young and wild.
She has dreams and she lives every day to honor her late mother.
She is ambitious and studied well in school as I recall, she knows what she likes and what she wants out of life. And just like most other young people she has strong opinions to share with the world.
I`m also privilieged to have her on my Facebook and can see her posts ther, and unfortunatly also the comments she gets.

One of the most frequent ones is why she posts pictures on herself without clothes on on her blog.

Emily came into my life when she was younger, I dont remember the exact age but I do remember the circumstances.
She was really rude to someone I care about so I wrote her a mail on the community that then was the biggest in Sweden. I told her that I could tell she needed someone to listen and that if she liked to we could have a Coffee together.
She agreeed.
Since then I have followed her, her mother passed away and my heart was aching for her I  can tell you that!
But she has risen ever since then one step at the time and just going higher and higher toward the stars.

She posts pictures on her blog as I said before, and people are really rude about that.
I got news for the haters, she is 20 years old now and she can post whatever she wants on her blog, it aint meant for small kids to watch it either.. Its a adultblog.. ok?

And about her opinions.. I dont always agree about what she thinks but you see opinions is like sweaters, everyone got one! So  no need to complaint about her, let her rise like the bird she is!
Let her fly and dont worry about it, she has never ever told her readers that she will change her opinion just because anyone else would like her better.
And I hope she never does, because thats one lousy thing to do!

To Emily; Keep going Girl, do your thing!

To the rest of you, Here is a link to her blog; Its in Swedish so some of you will have to use Google Translate.

Leave others opinions alone, you can debate, its all cool. IF, and only then, the person with the opinion is open for a debate. I will leave you with a video and a song that has followed me thru the years:


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