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Friday, December 30, 2011

The people that you dont connect with!

There is some people I just wont connect with, no matter how nice they seem to be, does that happen to you aswell?

I dont know its like something in their eyes tells me to stay away, far away!

They havent done anything wrong just something about them makes chills crawl down my spine for some reason, I trust my instinct when that happen. I do what I have to do around them but nothing more then that.

I`m sure my instincts are there to be trusted even tho sometimes they are wrong.

I spoke to my Butterfly today, I might be catching up with her tomorrow.
Oh, I hope I will, I have missed her so much.
Even tho she mght have turned into a moth at the moment because of her grief, I`sure she will get her colors back and fly really soon again!

Sweet dreams everyone, Sweden says good night!


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