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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Is there ever a good break up?

One that really makes it so both parts be cool with the other one moving on?
I`m not so sure about it, Im convinced both parts can pretend to move on, thats not where my doubt lays.
The part I`m doubting is that bort parts feels it would be totally ok if the other one found a new person to love and be loved by the very next day for example.

Lets not pretend that we are something we aint.
DMX and others says that if you love something let it go,
and its not the let it go-part that is bothering me.
I can tell anyone to go any given day!
But.. Its after the letting go that bugs me and most likely others.
Because even tho we know we have no right to, and even tho we dont own anyone,
we still dont want them to be happy with someone else, atleast not before we are!

And even tho you know you werent meant for eachother you still for some weird reason keep having that person in your heart for a long, long time.

Thats one of the reasons I really dont like "Lets be friends anyway".
For me, it more sounds like:
"Out of guilt I can pretend to be your friends for a while and maybe you wont whine so much about me to people"


"If we are friends atleast I get to see her/him and talk to them every now and then".

It will still hurt like hell the day your ex finds a new guy or girl and introduces them to you.
Would you truly be happy for your ex if he/she got married to this new person?
Or would it remind you that you failed where someone else made it?

Can you really call yourself a friend to someone who you cant be happy for?
At the baptism in church of their newborn you sit thinking "It should have been me",
is that what friends do?

Take a minute - Think about it..

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