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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Dont call me no mo´..

After stumbling upon this song:

I started remembering people I just couldnt get rid of! They just couldnt take the hint. Havent we all had them? The people you feel like screaming to: Leave me alone damn it!
You feel like they have no space left in your life but they, for some strange reason, belive that they are the center of your life.

I remember being around 15 years old, I had broken up with a bf  a couple of months before and been able to avoid all his calls. Until christmas evening, my mom shouted that someone was asking for me in the phone and ofc,  it was him calling "just to wish me a happy christmas".
Not even I had the heart to be rude at that time.

There are these people you really have no clue why you hang out with also.
You really have nothing in common but they wanna grab a coffee with you and suddenly, there you are and you really cant find something to talk about and that awkward silence appears.
The thoughts going thru your head at that time will be something like: Why am i here? Argh, why didnt I just make up a lame excuse?
So you start watching a clock and suddenly you hear yourself say: Shit, I forgot I have a important meeting now, I will have to catch you later see you!
You run out the coffeeshop thinking I will never ever do this again, but ofc you will. Both you and I know we will, we just dont know why we will!

Oh btw, Catch you later, and dont start wondering why you read this, because we WILL meet again ;)


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