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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Confused chatting..

I was sitting on Fb last night chatting with a friend from back in the days when I used to play W.o.W.
Yes you all heard it I used to be an Wow-addict.
However he was crying his heart out and I was listening, thats what friends does, right?
It appears that his girlfriend left him because he did something stupid.

Ok, sorry mate but I got to spit it out here.. she was ill, he was drunk, so he decided to watch porn, to not bother her he says. Makes him sound thoughtful right? However Im not entitled to judge him for it, aint my thing to do. However his loved one got upset and left him over it.

And as you read earlier today, breakups often means alot of bad things as in namecalling and such.

I left the chat for a while, needed to walk the dog and he was going somewhere else so I saidwe can talk later I will be here.

I went to do some other stuff for an hour or two before returning to the computer again, as always, I end up sitting on Facebook passing some time.
He turns up again, asked me how he should handle the situation.
I told him to let her miss him instead, dont text her etc etc.. He made a joke about him and me instead.
And yes it was only a joke, however, here in my story the weird part comes in.

Suddenly my mate starts saying all kinds of bad words in the chat, in one sentence that is, in the next one.. he is perfectly normal.

He starts talking about himself in third person and REALLY putting himself down.
I sit here and my mind is going: "Did he get ill somehow? Is he having a nervous breakdown? What am I suppose to answer to all this?"

"***** is such a d***head, all he wants is p****y and he is a f***ing c**t" And so on..

I was sitting just staring at the screen while trying to figure out what the hell was happening here?
Then I realised it. She hacked his facebook ofcourse. And he couldn`t see what she was typing.
That meant ofcourse, I became like UN trying to tell one part what the other said.

And the funniest part was I couldnt say anything to him that she wouldnt see since I only have him on Facebook.

Can you imgaine the situation?
Do you think it was right of her to hack his Facebook?
Is it ok to spy on someone, no matter the result of it?

Take a minute - Think about it.


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