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Monday, December 19, 2011


I spoke about the people that we just can`t get out of or lifes.

I`m rather sure we all also had someone that really was our "cant live with, cant live without".
The person you broke up with only to get back together with again?
I can feel some people nodding reading this.

So what do we do then, because the brain shouts "Come ooooon knucklehead leave the idiot, he/she does everything you absolutely dislike!" Yet the heart says "Oh come on, I love him, we can make it work, lets try again?".

And in the middle of all this there is you, a confused person, sad about the brak up but really really cant take it anymore.
I was in such a relationship with my sons father. We hurt eachother quite badly and broke up atleast ones a week even tho we were engaged.
It took us five years before the actual break up finally came, and even after that it was a struggle not to mind the other ones buisness, where they were hanging and what they were up to.

I still remember our friends calling us telling us: "Giiiiiirl you know what I just saw?!" And I can imagine: "Dude, you know who she is with right now right?!".

Wouldnt it have been way easier for those people to just leave us alone and let us figure it out on our own?
Sometimes, the help you think you are getting is only holding you back.

Is over always really over?
In our case there was a child involved so we had to somehow get along, and belive me it was hard, lots of arguments and sometimes really close to physical fighting.
Then we met someone new after some time and things worked out.
The jealousy I thought I would feel wasnt showing up, I mean I had already moved on.

And I think, somewhere deep inside, I had already moved along when the actual breakup came.
I knew I couldnt stay and that if I had stayed would only hurt us both, and definatly or son much more.
I more andmore start to think its a habit, that person in your life with you becomes a habit such as eating, you know that even if you hate their guts they will still be there, and therefor they are a security to you, like a teddybear when you were a kid.

Are you in such a relationship?
Think about this, is it fair to either one of you to stay? Do you have kids?
Do you want your kids to belive that what they are seeing and living in is love per definition?

Take a minute - Think about it!

Ps. Alot of Murs now, yes, but this one just seemed so suitable! Ds.


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