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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Where to find the love of your life?

After a while of being single, my friend has realised she wants a man in her life, to share all the good and bad times with. Someone to speak about the day with or that can just hold her for a while in the evening I suppose.

I really hope that she finds someone, but as you all know me by now, my mind immediatly started thinking about it, where to find him?

She doesnt like going out much, wich might be to an advantage.. Or would it?
When I go out I see people hooking up for short periods of time, a.k.a. one night stands..
They are often too drunk to go for the ones that normally would attract them and so on..
So she doesnt miss out on much there..

But then.,. where to find a guy?
The store maybe?
Can there be a good looking clerk anywhere?On the plusside, she wont have to go to thegrocerystore no more, since he can easily pick up whatever they need on the way home!

She could of course also meet someone at the playground..
However, what happends when their kids dont get along?
No matter how gorgeus the guy might be that is a scary thought, or he could have one of those babymamas from hell.. you know the ones that just HAS to tell their kids what they think about dads new girlfriend?
But the again.,.there must be nice ones aswell, I mean I am and most of the girls I know is as well..
But wait here.. If she is nice and they split up..whats wrong with him?

Maybe my friend could look for a reasonable, handsome busdriver?
Oh no, those workinghours wont be any good since she has kids..

You guys have any suggetions here? Help me out!

Take a minute - Think about it!


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