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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Alone at New Years eve?

No worries, alot of people are.
Even tho you feel like wanting to do something or share the moments with someone, remember life aint over yet. There will be more New Year eves and you will have that company sooner or later.

We are all very different as persons as you know, a friend of mine is having a stay at home just her and her kids, and to me it sounds cozy even tho I`m more the personality who would have loved to go to a party because I like the Social aspect of it.

Ive had them both, stay at home-evenings and party ones when it comes to New Year.
Ive also appreciated them both in, different ways.
Cozy dressing compared to the partyanimals outfit, a nice dress and so on,
I have absolutely loved it.
I`ve felt lonely at times but its been alright anyways since Ive had friends that always managed to show up at the perfect moment to keep me company.

And my son has made it a tradition of his to spend the eveneing with his grandmothers family and then show up here after their celebration. Really nice since I then can wish him a great new year immediatly!

Anyways, wherever you are, remember that people that you love are never further away then in your heart.. So you never have to be alone, but tonight as any other night I will still ask you to think about others, help someone out if you can, respect all and take care about yourself and the ones you have close!

Take a minute - Think about it!


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