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Friday, December 16, 2011

Egypt, my beloved Egypt..

.. As I hope most of you have noticed there has been, after the revolution, ongoing disturbances in Egypt.

This concerns me alot for several reasons amongst them is that I have friends over there and also becuase it has been my paradise on earth, my second home. Also a concern is the historical herritage we have from there, the pyramids andtemples and so on.

Now elections is ongoing there and the Moslem Brotherhood seems, so far, to be one of the topcandidates for ruling the country. Second runner up is a even stricter party, the ultra-conservative Al-Nur. Candidates for both parties have said they wish to ban females in bikinis and alcohol.

Why do I care about this then? I`m the kind of person who could go there without using either bikini or alcohol thats not the issue. The issue is how will the people survive without the tourism? The months that has passed since the start of the revolution has been terrible for people like my friends who lives from the tourists (Guiding, souvenirs etc.) they have no money at all and hardly enough to eat.

Somewhere deep inside I wonder, is revolution always a good thing?


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