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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


As I was walking to the store just a few minutes ago, I was listening to Murs (yes - again!),
The song "And this is for.." I will link it further down for you so you will know what I`m talking about.
He speaks about life, and his words often gets to me.

I am one of those who listen to the lyrics alot and I just cant stand bad lyrics no matter how good the rythm is.

Man I do the same music, they stop coming to shows
It's like they scared of the white boys in the front row
First I was like "so?" I'mma get my dough
But the numbers kept falling as my fan base would grow
And now I'm concerned so I gotta speak up
First the money was the only thing shutting me up
But now I don't care, don't support me, get mad
Why wouldn't you abort me, my own people have
I feel I should have the scans white rappers have
It's sad but that's the way it is
What's the reason that my album doesn't sell like his?
And don't front like you don't why the hell that is
It's because he's white, you can relate to his face
Through the years you've been taught that Black is unsafe"

In Sweden,when Iwas younger we didnt have many people with darkskin, not as I recall it anyway, But we did have alot of Kurdish and Syrian people. I grew up in a middleclass house, in a typical middleclass neighborhood.
Almost all my classmates had houses aswell, apartments were mostly for those who couldnt afford their own house.

Not far away, 3 km to be precise, was a apartmentcomplex, we call them millionprojects, so basically from now on I will call them projects, ok?

Anyhow there lived alot of immigrants, even more today. 
I had friends where I lived but i always felt out of place there, like I was an outsider for some strange reason.
So at the age of 11-12 I started hanging out in the projects. With the immigrants. It has come to my knowledge now that alot of my classmates parents didnt allow them to hang out there because they classed it a "bad neighborhood. I got to thank the man above for my mother not being as narrowminded.

You see, there I met my best friends, some of them I still have. Sure for some of them it didnt go well but for most it did. They dont have overpaid jobs or anything but they have a job. They struggle to make people to see who they are and not to focus on where they are from.

Their mothers and fathers cared about all us kids, not just their own.
I remember one man in particular.
When my father stopped coming to see my basketballgames for some weiird reason, my old classmates father did. He had a son so he wasnt there to watch anyone else play, he watched me.
All I wanted was my own father to come so it didnt help much but he is one of the people who inspired me to become the person I am today.

I still feel at home in that project, my son goes to school there and now its even more immigrants there.
People ask me oh how can you let your son go to that school?

I will answer it here and now;

Yes, its full of immigrants, but, thats a reflection of society and how it is now. Except for what my son learns in class he will also get impressions from all over the globe and yet just stay in one spot, how great isnt that? Look at all the religions he gets a first row view on, how great isnt that?

Oh and for those who wonder, I always talk to my sons friends, and they always come up to me and shakes my hand asking me how I am. And they know that I will tell them when I think they do wrong, but I will also let them know when they did right. Everyone needs to hear that they do good sometimes?
And I love being that parent that they trust, that they can talk about their problems with, and I do my best to help them. Maybe I didnt give birth to these kids, but as an adult I see it as my responsibility to make sure every kid gets as much of my time as I can possibly give them.

"I was given this world I didn`t make it" <= Tupac

Take a minute - Think about it!


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