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Saturday, December 31, 2011


The last of 2011 is about to be erased.

I will remember this year very well since I`m very interested in whats happening in North Africa and Middle East. All those brave people that stood up and said "NO".
What curage that must take to do that in such regims.

I remember in Tunisia, I think it was 2006 I was walking with a friend down the street, back to the hotel and I saw a dark bus with men in Uniforms outside of it directing young men to step inside, they seemed to pick people totally randomly.

I asked my fiend who they were , those men in uniforms, he answered me that it was the police and that he had no idea why the young men were more or less forced into the bus or where it was going.

A group of three men appeared, I belive they were younger then 20 from waht I could judge by the look of them.
One tried to run, the uniformed men caught him and hit him several times there, out in the open..
It was painful to see and I remember my friend lead me away as fast as he could. He was ashamed of their behaviour I could tell, and I, I was close to tears by seeing the young men across the street so filled with fear.

Like animals, trapped in a cage, they had absolutely nowhere to escape.

I also remember a dark bus in Egypt, even tho I wish I could forget.
By my friends who live there I know that everyone is really afraid of the police.
I was on my way, alone, back to the hotel. I remember the streets beeing rather empty and I tried to watch out for the stray dogs around there since Ive had a scary encounter with them before.

I walked next to a street that goes thru the City and I remember hearing a carengine approaching, and then also something else, that I couldnt really determine what it was.. As the bus drove by I realised what it was, it was the cries and screams of someone in the back of it.

His screams made my blood turn to ice and sent chills down my spine.
It was truly even hurtful to hear.
The bus passed me and the moment cant have lasted longer then a few seconds but it haunted me for a very, very long time.
I felt so useless for not being able to help that guy in there.
And his cries were so helpless and filled with fear, you cant even imagine.

These experiences has made me think tho,
first of all I am very fortunate to have grown up in northern Europe, I never had to fear the police.
Respect them yes, but never fear them.
I have the freedom of speach that means that I can express my opinion and as long as it isnt insulting or hurting anyone its ok to do so.

I am one of the lucky ones, how about you?
Are you one of the lucky ones?`

Take a minute - Think about it!


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