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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Friends online.. Bobbe!

.. Do you have any friends that you only have online but that knows your inner secrets?
I do, I thought I`d introduce some of them to you, not all at once ofc but one at the time,
and the one for today is Bobbe!

Bobbe is a lovely guy, single as I know it and one of the funniest guys I know, his sense of humor is pricelss in a good way if you get it?

He doesnt look bad at all and also have a warm heart!

The story behind or friendship is a little different then my other friends.

Bobbe and I met in a chatroom full of weird people (Me, in such chatroom hmm who could have figured huh?), the chatroomserver went down and some of us gathered in another chatroom, several from the same place have asked for my email but I never gave it to them, only to Bobbe.

Why? He is special, funny and caring and you are never bored when you talk to him..even tho his "BRB" can mean "I will be back in three weeks maybe".

Ladies belive me this is one man you dont want to miss out on, guaranteed!

He has some weird ideas ofc, but who doesnt?
He wants to open a restaurant and he wants to live in the Philippines, how about that?

Bobbe is from a small town in Sweden, but has, as so many other Swedes moved to Norway for work.
I wish him all the world to be honest, he deserves it!

And hey Bobbe.. Stay real, I like you and thanks for spreading sunshine in my life!

To the rest of you, do you have any friends like this? Use the commentbutton and tell me about them!


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