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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Nope.. didnt work at all, some days are most likely made for staying home.
So thats what I will do, Ive ordered food by delivery, and no it wasnt pizza this time, it was actually fish..
I know I`m a bit different then everyone else!
And while waiting for the food I found this lovely clip on the internet with some skilled artists/dancers if anyone knows who they are or any more of their pieces please let me know.

Im not one who likes violence at all, but I hate ignorant people and racists just as much I think :(

The clip says: Swedes against immigrants, but since they speak german in the clip I find it hard to belive. Im not sure tho, is it dance or is it Capoeira they are doing? Anyways their movements are great and skillfully times on all sides, I love it!


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