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Monday, December 26, 2011

Death Penalty.. Right or wrong?

I can tell you straight away, Im oppose to death penalties.
I belive that there is evil persons out there, emotioneless wihtout any ability of empathy.
I belive that people do stuff to others that would make me throw up if I ever saw it.
I belive that not all people can be cured from being bad.
Yet.. I dont belive in death penatlies at all.


First of all, I dont see how killing someone will make a nother person come back to life.
Second, killing one person for committing a murder, doesnt that make it two murders?
Last but not least, I belive many men who did not deserve death penalty has been killed thru the years based on other stuff then the crime itself, for example; Skin color and what kind of attorney you can afford.

I was raised to dislike any violence, but I havent walked a mile in others shoes yet so  I can not judge the people who belives in eye for an eye either.
However I have read alot about people sitting on Death Row, I was even a pen pal of one once.
Ive been really frightened about what Ive read, there are truly monsters out there, but also Ive been frightened about how poor people gets treated.
I remember one guy facing death penalty for the crime he committed (Im not so sure he said he actually did it tho) who was defended by a divorceattorney since he got an attorney appointed by the state since he couldnt afford one on his own.

Imagine that, you are being prosecuted, you can get a life sentence or death and the state belives that as a defenceattorney you should have a divorcelawyer.

Being put to death, executed, there aint no coming back from that!
There is no chance for mistakes, yet we`ve all heard about prisoners that is denied DNA-testing?
Why? Shouldnt all get that chance since their life is depending on it?
Or has there been too many mistakes thru the years and someone thinks its better if we dont get the truth out there?

And also, these guys who have been waiting for over 20 years in prison to get executed, is that in any way reasonable?
Im sorry guys I just dont think so.

I will get closer into this subject later because it is really close to heart for me.
Now, the dog needs out I can hear her crying..


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